I am running to serve California State Assembly District 38. It would be an honor to serve the community that my family and I have called home for over 20 years. This seat is currently held by Assemblywoman Christy Smith who is leaving to run for Congress.

When this seat recently and unexpectedly opened up, it became clear that this was my opportunity to build upon my past work in support of public education, working families, and our environment.

My education and work in the classroom as a preschool teacher taught me the importance of creating environments where people can thrive. I believe that investing in high-quality education at the earliest levels through higher education is key to not only transforming our public education system, but to expanding opportunities for our children’s lives and futures. Whether it be trade programs, community college or a four-year university, our children deserve access to quality and affordable education.

I began my advocacy as a student leader, organizing community college students against the reduction of vocational programs. While attending CSU Northridge, I continued the fight, becoming the statewide President and Chair of the California State Student Association for the CSU system, where we prevailed in the fight to freeze student fees.

I later had the opportunity to work for the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) where I focused on energy policies and projects that led to job creation and building healthy environments in our most underserved communities.

Today, I own a small business that promotes public service and community activism. I am the daughter of immigrant parents who worked hard to build a life for me and my siblings. I was once an at-risk youth who found the support I needed through our public education system to overcome adversity and lead a successful life.

I want our youth to get the education they deserve so everyone can have the types of opportunities I had to get a quality education, a good-paying job with retirement security, and start a business. In the Assembly, I will fight to protect public education, for our families to have access to healthcare, good jobs, and a clean environment.

My passion and knowledge combined with my experience in building successful coalitions position me to be the best candidate to work with residents to ensure our community thrives. That’s why I am so excited for the opportunity to run for State Assembly. I hope you will join my campaign!


Although once labeled an “at-risk youth,” Dina Cervantes a former continuation high school student, found her way and voice in organizing students to fight for affordability, quality, and access to California’s higher education systems. She learned to turn anger into activism and the value of being an active participant in the political process. She found herself and her voice in being part of the solution. Dina now has over 17 years’ experience as an organizer, community activist, and a committed change agent focusing on education, social equity, and environmental issues.


Dina is a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents who worked in the fields of Fresno, CA, came to the U.S. in pursuit of the American Dream. Looking to do different work than they had done back home they moved to Los Angeles where they built their home, dreams, and grew the family from one to four children; Dina is the second eldest. Dina’s father started working at a metal machine shop and never left. His loyalty, dedication, and work ethic paid off and eventually, he was able to become a part owner at this very same machine shop. Resilience and work ethic have been long a part of the fabric of Dina’s life because of the example her parents set.


Dina’s first job, at 15, was as a preschool teacher’s assistant which is where she fell in love with teaching and the classroom; she spent the next seven years in the classroom eventually working her way up to lead teacher. This experience inspired her to pursue her higher education studies with a focus on children and families. She proudly uses this as base in her work as an advocate to this day.



As a community college student, Dina led organizing efforts in bringing thousands of students to the state capital to fight for higher education. Dina served as the Statewide Representative and Region Chair for the 14 Los Angeles Area Community Colleges to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). Locally, as a student at Santa Monica College, she served as the Student Trustee and President of the Inter-Club Council, the body overseeing the campus’ over 75 student organizations. She graduated in 2005 with an Associate of Arts degree in both Liberal Studies and Early Childhood Education. While a student at Cal State Northridge, she continued the fight for access, equity, and affordability. She served as the President and Chair of the California State Student Association (CSSA), the nation’s largest statewide student association. She is most proud of the advocacy efforts that led to a fee freeze in the CSU system. She graduated from CSUN, with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Bachelors of Science degree in Family Consumer Science-Family Studies.


Building on her student advocacy, Dina’s life work has centered around creating healthy environments and building communities that serve it’s most underserved. Dina worked for CEERT (Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies), an environmental organization which promotes the creation of renewable energy policies and projects in California and on the West Coast. A major focus of these efforts was job creation. Back in education, Dina served as the School & Community Coordinator for LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer, where she focused on organizing and constituent empowerment in the West Los Angeles Area and the Southern West San Fernando Valley. Dina is most proud of her work supporting in the passing of a resolution to ensure that school campuses would be safe zones for families threatened by ICE; immigration enforcement. She was also active supporting the board member in the initial creation of instructional pathways to assist the transition from pre-K to 12th grade. She also later supported the then Board President, with Policy and Communication efforts. Most Recently, Dina served as Chief of Staff for a Long Beach Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce who is well regarded for her work with the community and labor organizations. In the time Dina worked with the Councilwoman she is most proud of having supported efforts around safety for hotel workers, development projects tied to strong labor and community benefit commitments, and efforts to ensuring the city have its employees be “trauma informed” for personal and constituent purposes.



Dina Cervantes has been very active with local democratic efforts and supports organizations that develop youth leadership and young professionals. Dina led both the 2015 Young Democrats of America Convention and the 2014 California Young Democrats Convention in Los Angeles for which she’s received awards and recognition as the Host Convention Chair. She was elected as the 1st Female President of the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats; one of the largest Democratic organizations in the state and has served as an elected Delegate for the 38th Assembly District, for the California Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley. DINA, the daughter of immigrants and once at-risk-youth, has through her decades of leadership and experience, proven a passion and commitment to serve.